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Republican Health Care: “Don’t Get Sick. If You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly” 0

Shawn Day, in my local rag, marvels at how skillfully Republicans have hornswoggled Democrats in the Virginia legislature. A nugget:

But Puckett’s part in his party’s political failure obscures the role that Virginia Democrats, particularly party leaders in the legislature, have played in burnishing their reputation as a bumbling, disorganized lot.

Time and again in Richmond, Republicans have outmaneuvered Democrats, who appear alternately flat-footed or bewildered by their opponents’ organization and preparation. In the House of Delegates, some appear so disconnected that they prevent the party from developing a consistent message.

Left unmentioned in his litany of losing is this: Republicans have consistently caught Democrats flat-footed because Republicans have sunk to depths of skullduggery, up to and including bribery, that even Plunkett of Tammany Hall would have considered beyond the pale. It is a Party without honor, without conscience.


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