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Truth and Truthers 0

The fellow who stole memorial signs from playgrounds honoring the dead in the Sandy Hook school shootings and who also claimed that the killings were a hoax and never happened has been apprehended, thanks in large part to Chez Pazienda and The Daily Banter.

He is not alone in his trutherism (sp?), in his ability to disavow facts because he doesn’t like them.

You realize, of course, such people are nuts.

Realize also that considerable resources, including

  • Fox News,
  • the wingnut thinktank complex,
  • ALEC,
  • the New York Times as long as it keeps hacks like Ross Douthat and David Brooks on its payroll,
  • the “main stream media” as long as it gives Cal Thomas, Charles Krauthammer, Megan McArdle, Christine Flowers, and their like paychecks (Google them yourselves–I’m not providing links), and
  • the rest of the “vast rightwing conspiracy” (for naming which Hillary Clinton was mercilessly reviled, but which exists nonetheless–too sophisticated to meet in smoke-filled rooms, but meeting the essential definition of “conspiracy,” that is, “coordinated”) .

are devoted to nurturing their nuttiness so as to undermine our polity.

Both sides don’t do it, and, until and unless the media stop pretending that they do, we will continue to be doomed.

Yes, I’m fed up. My country is being sold down the river (you will pardon the expression but it is most apt) and no one is paying attention.


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