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Misdirection Play, “Black Lives Matter” Dept. 0

From the Autobiography of Frederick Douglass:

I speak advisedly when I say this,—that killing a slave, or any colored person, in Talbot county, Maryland, is not treated as a crime, either by the courts or the community.

* * * * * * *

James E. Causey calls out a misdirection play much in the news these days, one used to distract from one real issue by talking about another one (emphasis added).

I don’t understand why we can’t talk about black-on-black crime and police brutality at the same time. Why do we have to treat the two issues separately? It’s like saying that if blacks stopped killing blacks tomorrow then police brutality will suddenly stop. We know that’s not the case.

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For that matter, when are white folks going address white-on-white crime, such as appalling deeds like this one?

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