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Chartering a Course of Disaster 0

The Philadelphia Inquirer autopsies a defunct charter school. A snippet:

Former staffers say that the school that focused on students with learning disabilities was in turmoil for months and that the bankruptcy stemmed from questionable management decisions.

And a whistle-blower suit contends a former Ed Plus administrator lost his job after he alleged wrongdoing, including failing to provide working computers for all students, using an untested curriculum developed by the CEO’s mother and spending resources on a secret learning center that was actually a homeschooling network that included the CEO’s children.

Read the whole thing, then ask yourself why anyone ever thought destroying public education so as to divert the funds to private concerns was a good idea. (The only answer I can see to that question is this: it diverted attention from true cause of problems in public education–the failure to adequately fund it in the first place.)


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