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Cowboy Cosplay, It Must Be the Hats Dept. 0

I was living in the Philadelphia area when the MOVE assault took place. Had I happened to look out ny bedroom windows that day, I would have seen the smoke from the fire that eventually wiped out a city block, dispossessing not only MOVE, but also its neighbors.

Instead, while West Philly burned, I sat in my easy chair reading a book while listening to music.

Here’s a nugget from Jone’s piece; follow the link for the full article.

Solomon Jones look back and sees similarities between MOVE and the Bundy Bund, plus one glaring difference:

Incredibly, some of Bundy’s armed followers remained in the federal building on Monday, and they’re being given the opportunity to leave peacefully.

Let me be clear. That wouldn’t happen if they were anything other than white men in cowboy hats.


Compare their story with the tale of MOVE, a black naturalist group whose yearslong conflict with law enforcement in Philadelphia ended in fiery tragedy.


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