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Don’t Overlook the Obvious 2

Leonard Pitts, Jr., tells of a conversation that took place just a little while ago. Here’s a bit from his article:

President Obama had just spoken before the Illinois General Assembly. Now, he and some old friends, all retired from that body, were being interviewed by the Los Angeles Times. Obama was talking about the legislative gridlock that has marked his terms and how he might have avoided it.

“Maybe I could have done that a little better,” he said.

One of his friends wasn’t having it. “They were afraid of you for a couple of reasons,” said Denny Jacobs. “Number one, you were black.”

Obama parried the suggestion, saying what he always says when asked about race and his presidency. “I have no doubt there are people who voted against me because of race . . . or didn’t approve of my agenda because of race. I also suspect there are a bunch of people who are excited or voted for me because of the notion of the first African-American president. . . . Those things cut both ways,” he said.

Jacobs, who is white, was unpersuaded. “That’s what they were afraid of, Mr. President,” he insisted.

Dan Simpson also has something to see on this matter. A nugget:

At some point let us hope that American people will realize that the McConnells, Trumps, Rubios and Cruzes of this world are willing to risk destroying our system of government to get ahead personally. It is in circumstances such as this, when the functioning of our Supreme Court is on the line, that we can see just how greedy and immoral they are.

Image of Senator McConnell with arms all twisty and finger crossed saying,

Image via Job’s Anger.



  1. Gerald

    February 18, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    That last paragraph says it all … GOP/Republican governance in 21st Century American has been one of obstruction of the Constitution and the intent of WE the People.

    The Presidency of Barack H Obama is NOT 3/5’s of a presidency …but a full 4 year term.

    The responsibilities as well as rights of a President are clearly spelled out … and the obstructionist actions taken by the GOP/Republican governance since THIS POTUS … are too!

  2. Frank

    February 19, 2016 at 12:07 am

    The Republican Party has become the party of the Secesh.

    Perhaps this Supreme Court thing will wake persons up, but I doubt it. The polity is too wrapped up in cat videos on Facebook.

    If I seem cynical, it’s for a reason . . . .