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A newspaper editor who has spent two and a half decades covering the Clintons delivers her judgement on the Hillary Clinton scamdals. A snippet; follow the link for the full story:

I would be “dead rich”, to adapt an infamous Clinton phrase, if I could bill for all the hours I’ve spent covering just about every “scandal” that has enveloped the Clintons. As an editor I’ve launched investigations into her business dealings, her fundraising, her foundation and her marriage. As a reporter my stories stretch back to Whitewater. I’m not a favorite in Hillaryland. That makes what I want to say next surprising.

Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest and trustworthy.

Remember that Republicans have spent 25 years lobbing made-up dirt at the Clintons.

When you find yourself thinking, “Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted,” ask yourself, are you basing your statement on facts or on what Republicans said?


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