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That Big Bad Scary Idea 0

Martina Essert marvels at the intellectual cowardice that results in banning literary classics from schools, such as, I kid you not, Orwell’s Animal Farm, because, to quote a bit from Ms. Essert,

Students who pore over George Orwell’s “1984,” a book that portrays a future where every citizen is constantly monitored and told what to do and think, will not read “Animal Farm” by the same author because that absurdist book, which is about about talking animals who overtake the farm where they live, is said to be too disturbing for students. “Animal Farm” is also on the Library of Congress’ list of “Books that shaped America”; “1984” is not on this list.

I got a dollar to a doughnut that many of those who would ban Animal Farm see nothing wrong with the NRA’s idea that Hansel and Gretel should pack heat.

We are a society of stupid.

Full Disclosure:

I have read Animal Farm, but have not read 1984. I did read Brave New World and that was quite enough dystopia for me, thank you very much.


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