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Southern Hospitality 0

I think I’ve told this story before, but it’s still relevant.

My Daddy had a friend* who was a high school science teacher and coach (yes, a high school coach who was smart enough to teach science–who woulda thunk?) and later school superintendent. During the late 60s he was amongst a delegation to an educators convention in New Orleans. They decided to carpool to New Orleans.

Remember, this was during the Civil Rights campaigns of the mid-last century.

Later, he told my father that the trip was fine, except that, when they got to Mississippi, the atmosphere was so hostile that they felt as if they had to adopt fake Southern accents, despite being white Southerners from a Jim Crow state and already having Southern accents.


*My first baseball glove was a hand-me-down from him. He was a good and decent person, a person of integrity.


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