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Facebook Frolics 0

Froma Harrop, reacting to the recent right-wing charges that Facebook is somehow jiggering its news feeds to favor liberal points of view,* finds a larger issue (emphasis added):

On the subject of political speech, let’s address reports that Facebook employees have been jiggering the site’s trending news to favor liberal political views. The claims are hard to assess in that the former Facebook news curators making them have gone nameless.

Whether the charges are true or not, Facebook is a private company entitled to dish out the news as it chooses. What disturbs me more is that a not-very-skeptical public is more and more willing to submit to a single source for news.

Her comments about Facebook as a “single source of news” apply doubly to Fox News as a single source of news. If it is true that Facebook from time to time has tilted the news–and I have no basis for even guessing, as I avoid Facebook whenever possible and wouldn’t consider it a source of news in any event–Fox routinely upends the news.

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*The true problem facing the right is that, if coverage is unbiased, the facts lean left.


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