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Disestablishmentarians 0

Oh, my.

Brent Scowcroft, a national security adviser to former Presidents Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush, endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the White House on Wednesday.


The endorsement comes a week after Richard Armitage, who was deputy secretary of state in George W. Bush’s administration, said he would back Clinton over presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The “establishment Republicans” are starting to make their choices, and they aren’t playing Trump.

Elsewhere, establishment Democrats are holding a sit-in at the Capitol Building, for Pete’s sake. I was in my share of demonstrations when I was young and in my salad days (and even when I was older and my lettuce was somewhat wilted . . .), but that’s a new one on me.

And good on the Democrats for ditching Robert’s Rules of Order and taking a stand.

I suspect that a sit-in on the House floor was not on Republicans’ radar.

I have been predisposed to stoicism and pessimism from birth (I have read Aurelius and found it compelling), and living life and paying attention has done nothing to dissuade me from expecting the worst, but I shall still delight in the confusion of mine enemies.


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