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Nor Any Drop To Drink, Reprise 2

Retail beverage bottled water is a con and a scam.

It is one of the pettest of my pet peeves.

Graphic about bottled water: Think before you drink:  the environmental cost of bottled water. 200 billion bottles of water are consumed globally each year. Of them, 176 billion will end up in the water.  200X more expensive than tap water:  it takes three times the volume of water to manufacture the plastic for one bottle than it does to fill it. There are 1500 water bottles consumed per second in the USA.  1n 2011 (peak year) American drank, on the average, 131 bottles of water per person while in Britain, 200 million bottles are consumed per year.   17,000,000 barrels of oil are used per year to manufacture bottled water.  Pumping, processing, transportation, and refrigeration of bottled water is estimated to use around 50 million barrels of oil per year.  10% of all plastic manufactured worldwide ends up in the ocean, never degrading.  1.2 billion people around the world don't have access to clean water, yet we are happy to pay over the odds for branded water.  The corporatisation of water:  Water is being called the "Blue Gold" of the 21st century. . . . Multinational corporations are stepping in to purchase groundwater and distribution rights whenever the can . . . in their drive to commoditise what many feel is a basic human right--the access to safe and affordable water. What can you do? Avoid bottled water. If you are concerned about the taste or quality of your local tap water, install a filtered cold water tap. Buy a reusable bottle. Pick up and recycle plastic bottles. Think before you drink.

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  1. Crprod

    June 4, 2016 at 3:35 pm

    My wife and I recently went to the ACC baseball tournament. Since we aren’t beer drinkers, the choice was between bottled water and Pepsi products, most of which leave an unpleasant aftertaste. In that situation where we are held captive, bottled water is the choice. However, we never have it at home and probably average less than a bottle a month away from home.

  2. Frank

    June 4, 2016 at 4:19 pm

    In that circumstance, I would not take exception to your choice, not at all. Really, you had no choice.

    Many years ago, vacationing in Arizona, we consumed great quantities of bottled water, as we were away from home in a rental car and “hydrate or die” is a very real thing in those parts.

    Somehow, though, I don’t think the lady ahead of me at my local grocery store who bought a case of that stuff two days ago was facing that sort of situation. Rather, she’s fallen victim to the con that somebody else’s tap water, put into bottles and transported many miles at great expense, is somehow better than her own tap water . . . .