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“Regrets, I’ve Had a Few . . . .” 0

Dick Polman notes that Donald Trump has recently contradicted himself and claims to have “regrets.” Mr. Polman wonder just what exactly Trump regrets. To help make the choice easier, he compiles a partial list:

What, exactly, does he supposedly regret? Does he regret insulting the Khans? Insulting Carly Fiorina’s face? Insinuating that Megyn Kelly was menstruating? Accusing Ted Cruz’s father of helping to plot the JFK hit? Retweeting an attack on Heidi Cruz’s looks? Retweeting junk crime stats from a white supremacist group? Mimicking the physical disability of a New York Times reporter? Promising to raise big bucks for vets, then chiseling them? Mocking John McCain’s POW stint? Smearing the media (just a few days ago) as “the lowest form of life?” Comparing Ben Carson to a child molester? Calling Harrisburg, Pennsylvania “a war zone?” Insisting that he’ll lose Pennsylvania only if “certain areas” (code for black people) rig the returns? Inviting Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails? Calling Mexican immigrants rapists? Suggesting that “second amendment people” could take Hillary out? Claiming that she and Obama “founded ISIS?” Voicing his desire to punch a protestor in the face? Attacking the credentials of a “Mexican” judge who was born and raised in Indiana?


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