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Chris-Crossed, for Whom the Bridge Tolls Dept. 2

Dick Polman marvels at the disparate treatment.

Imagine the outcry if Hillary Clinton’s transition team was led by a scandal-plagued sleaze whose gubernatorial reign was best known for shutting traffic lanes on a major bridge, jeopardizing the public’s safety for the sole purpose of punishing a local mayor who’d refused to endorse. Imagine the outcry if Clinton’s transition leader was named by federal prosecutors, on day one of a major federal trial, as being fully aware of the bridge scandal while it was happening. Imagine the outcry if Clinton then came forward to robustly defend her aide, calling him “a spectacular advocate.”

We all know what would happen. The mainstream media would nail Clinton for the “perception” that a “shadow” had been cast over her campaign. They would assail her for refusing to dump the aide. They would amplify Donald Trump’s inevitable declaration that this episode proved the perfidy of “Crooked Hillary.”

But since Trump is inexplicably permitted to play by banana-republic rules, there will be no such equivalent oucry over the fact that his own transition leader, Chris Christie, was outed yesterday in federal court by a prosecutor who said he was fully aware of the bridge closures while they were happening. It was a milestone moment in the long-running scandal, the first time that a federal official has said such a thing in a formal judicial proceeding, and it flatly contradicted Christie’s long-running lie (which he repeated Sunday on CNN) that he has been exonerated by all the investigations.

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  1. mike grant

    September 21, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Right after the prosecutor broke the news about Chris Christie knowing all along about the bridge closure (tacitly approving it, of course), someone posted TRUMPHUCKER exclaiming the damning evidence that of course he knew it….. NO Secrets amongst those scoundrels, eh?

  2. Frank

    September 21, 2016 at 10:18 pm

    With that lot, expect the worst.

    The Republican Party has become a vile and loathsome thing. Sometimes I wonder what Ev Dirksen would think of his party were he to rise from the grave.

    No, I don’t wonder. He was a rock-ribbed small-c conservative, but he had integrity. He would be appalled.