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All the News that Fits 0

Will Bunch notes the corporate media’s selective perception. A snippet:

And as you can imagine, America’s airwaves crackled and its newspaper front pages were crammed with controversy over Trump’s conflicts, his business practices, the unusually divisive nature of his appointments … ha, who am I kidding? The only Trump-related news that made a dent this weekend was the Hamilton affair, when the Broadway actor who played one dangerous vice president, Aaron Burr, fired what many saw as a verbal shot at the incoming vice president, Mike Pence, after Pence attended the hit musical. The speech read by actor Brandon Victor Dixon on behalf of the Hamilton cast was pointed but respectful, noting that many diverse Americans are “alarmed” by what Trump has displayed so far and hope that he’ll somehow uphold basic human rights. The president-elect didn’t see it that way, tweeting in the early morning Saturday that the cast should “Apologize!” — and thus dominating the news cycle for the next 48 hours.

No one should have expected anything different from the media. Why educate readers about “the emolument clause” when the Hamilton story had it all — high theater, literally, and a simmering row between a rainbow coalition of coastal elites (and their beloved smash-hit play) versus a heartland vice president-elect … and his hot-headed boss. Suddenly, Trump’s remarkable fraud settlement and his business conflicts were a Page 17 story. Especially when he piled on by tweeting the next morning about how unfunny Saturday Night Live has become when several skits lampooned him or his supporters.


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