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“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” (Updated) 0

Mary Jane makes you more polite.

One of the men there, Alec Troutman, 19, of Warner Robins, told the police that he had pulled his .38-caliber pistol to show it to Moore, who wanted to see it, a sheriff’s report said.

“Mr. Troutman stated that as he went to hand the revolver to Mr. Moore, the hammer engaged causing it to shoot a round into Mr. Moore’s arm,” the report noted.

No doubt the hammer engaged all on its ownsome, without intervention from external agency, such as, for example just to mention a possibility, the bozo holding the gun in his hand.

(Actually, Mary Jane probably does make persons more polite, or at least more laid back, but it sure as shootin’ don’t make gun nuts smarter.)

In related news, remember what I said yesterday about guns turning “hes and shes” into “males and females”? Police-speak seems to exist in a place apart from humanness.

Addendum, Later That Same Day:

Badtux goes off on guns that “just go off.” (Warning: Language.)


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