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Republican Elephants as doctor gathered around a surgical patient labeled

The reason Republicans are so determined to repeal the ACA, which they chose to dub “Obamacare,” is quite simple.

They cannot stand that the Black Guy did it.

Via Job’s Anger.

Addendum, Later That Same Day:

Josh Marshall comments on ACA repeal passing the House (emphasis added):

. . . this should remind us of what I’ve previously called the Iron Law of Republican Politics. That is, the ‘GOP moderates’ will always cave. I learned this law back in 1998-99 during the impeachment drama. Lots of Republicans thought impeachment was insanity. They warned against it. Said it shouldn’t happen. Said it would be a disaster. Every Republican in the House but four ended up voting for it.

That’s the Iron Law: the ‘GOP moderates’ will always cave.

More at the link.


In order to have a “crisis of conscience,” you must first have a conscience.


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