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Shaun Mullen informs me that this site has been flagged by Google as having some bad stuff. Google says it “has been reported” as having links that lead to bad places. I have been unable to duplicate the problem on any of my machines, but I was able to do so on my friend’s Win10 computer.

I will be troubleshooting this afternoon, so expect weirdness.


I took a look at the site from the backroom and nothing untoward leapt out at me. Then I discovered my most excellent hosting provider offers a for-a-fee clean-up service. I signed up for it. There will be no further activity here until they are done.

I could play golf. That would be a much more expensive hobby.

Addendum Again:

Progress is being made.


My hosting provider found and cleaned or deleted a number of suspicious files and added some security measures. They inform me that it may take a while for Google to respond to the request to recheck the site. So I’m just going to sit tight for a while.

So far, Google is the only outfit that has flagged the site.


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