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Update 2018-02-14: I am advised that the problem accessing this site has been resolved, but I will leave this sticky post in place until I am certain.

I am doing a lot of maintenance and inspection on the backend of the server, so blogging will be light for the next several days, as I must learn some new-to-me tools. Short outages may result. (Learning stuff is why I started this blog in the first place, so, oh, well.) Background information here.

In the meantime, visit the folks on the sidebar, over there —-> for the latest.

Interpolation: Yeah, I know, this is taking a long time. This is a hobby–a hobby about which I care deeply, but still a hobby–I have only so much energy I can devote to it.

Update, 2018-01-23:

Progress is being made, albeit slowly. The page is no longer spiking CPUs to 100%. My next step is to implement SSL, the configuration of Damocles that has been hanging over my head for six months. There is no valid reason for it here, as this site contains nobody’s personal or financial information–it’s just my blathering and some pictures, links, and embeds–but I’m tired of Firefox’s nagging.

Making this stuff work is like doing a giant New York Times crossword puzzle, but with an absence of clues.


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