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Light Bloggery, Snow Day 0

It’s snowing as I write this and I plan to enjoy the snow tomorrow, when this will post, as I am writing it last night so I don’t have to worry about it today. (Let’s Do the Time Warp Again and all that.)

We are supposed to be hit hard, at least as folks in these parts measure it. They don’t know from two-foot snows . . . .


I went to my local grocery store today which is now yesterday and it was a zoo.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why, when snow is forecast, persons who know that the roads will be cleared within 48 hours act as if they are going to be snowbound in a wagon train in the plains of Kansas in 1862 with no succor within a two day’s ride (though I must admit that broadcast media does its best to foment panic, because panic is what they do and panic means ratings).

I recall once when I lived in Delaware and the family went to visit my parents over the holidays. We ate ourselves out of house and home before we left because we didn’t want any food to go to waste.

Once we got there, snow was forecast for Delaware. I was looking forward to watching the New Year’s Day bowl games with my father, but we headed home a day early.

Once we got back to Wilmington, Del., we stopped at our local supermarket to stock up.

The bread and milk aisles were stripped clean.




Not even a hotdog bun or a half and half.

And the kicker was, the next morning, the snow was also nada, zilch, nil. A no snow no show. as in bare ground and uncovered terrain.

As the man said, “Humans is the craziest people.”


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