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Everything You Know Is Wrong 0

In the Raleigh News and Observer, Frank Hyman wonders why U. S. southern history is taught so incompetently. A snippet:

While historians at all levels have fixated on glorious battles and battling generals, they ignore the Articles of Secession; most Confederate states explicitly say they seceded to defend slavery. Are these concise, primary documents not making it into classrooms?

Why aren’t students learning that North Carolina voters (white males over 21 in those days) opposed secession? The slave-owners in the General Assembly overruled them and launched us into a war not wholly supported by most Tarheels.

The answer to his question is quite simple.

The South may have lost the war, but it won the peace. From the end of Reconstruction on, southern racists conducted their own reconstruction, reconstructing history to justify racism, oppression, and theft of labor.


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