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“Man Trump” 0

Image of computer monitor displaying a Linux man(ual) page reading as follows:Trump.  New Command 2017.  Name:  Trump--replacement for systemd.  Description:  On an en-US locale:  tries to harden firewall rules to prevent non-ASCI data entering the machine for .ir, .ly, .so, .sy, .ye domains.  Creats a firewall to block entry from .mx domains (note:  those are all internet country codes--look them up).  Changes database collations such that queries always return

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Man(ual) pages are extensive help files present on all *nix operating systems. To see one for [some command], enter “man [some command]” on the command line and the man page will display.

Some of them are much better written than others. Like encyclopedias, they are lousy for learning, but useful for reference.


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