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A Picture Is Worth 0

Graphic:  15 Signs That Your Country Is Moving Towards Fascism.  1.  Identification of scapegoats as a unifying cause.  2.  Nostalgic longing for an idealized past.  3.  Disdain for intellectuals and the arts.  4.  Suppression of a free press.  5.  Manipulative use of euphemistic language.  6.  All dissent is equated with treason.  7.  Protection of corporate power.  8.  Suppression of labor forces.  9.  Normalization of rampant sexism.  10.  Contempt for the weak.  11.  Obsession with national security.  12.  Overfunding of the military.  13.  Obsession with crime and punishment.  14.  Unrestrained cronyism.  15.  Dominant religion is coopted by the regime.

Via Job’s Anger.


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