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A Separate Reality (Updated) 0

The Republican Party has decided to tell itself stories about domestic terrorism. Here’s a bit from the report at TPM; follow the link for the complete article.

Far-right allies of President Trump quickly dismissed a string of explosive devices sent to prominent Democratic figures and CNN as a “false flag” operation intended to support Democrats’ “narrative” ahead of the midterm elections.

Without any evidence, members of the far-right media, think tank heads, and Twitter activists shared their conspiratorial theories on social media.

Today’s Republican party is a vile and loathsome (not to mention delusional and dangerous) thing clear and present danger to the polity; it demonstrates the degree to which we have become a society of stupid.

Addendum, Late that Same Evening:

There is no truth to the rumor that I’m trying to start that the Republican Party intends to rename itself the “Pipe Bomb Party.”


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