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All the News that Fits, Glutted for Punishment Dept. 0

Writing at Psychology Today Blogs, Adeena Bank Lees offers some suggestions for avoiding drowning in the flood of news (much of which isn’t news, but opinion, and often isn’t even new, but a rehash of a rehash of a rehash).

Here’s one (emphasis in the original):

4. Limit your time consuming all forms of media communications. If you have to set a timer, do it. Being informed about what is happening in our world is important, but being overwhelmed takes away our ability to act constructively.

Follow the link for her other suggestions.


I would add one. If you depend on “social” media for news, don’t. Verify those tweets and Facebook posts at legitimate, accredited sources before you believe them and for heaven’s sakes before you forward them to others.

Twists and deception spread as fact are bait for the gullible.

The best defense is not to be gullible.

Oh, and speaking of gullible . . . .


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