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PSA: Who Are the Virginia Beach Candidates? 0

The coverage of local Virginia Beach races (mayor, city council, and school board) is really pretty bad to the point of being almost nonexistent, as the House and Senate campaigns are soaking up all the headlines. I am disappointed, but I cannot fault the Pilot; like most newspapers, it’s already struggling.

As for broadcast media, someone once said, “If it bleeds, it leads” (the weather corollary is, “if it hails, it prevails”). I have seen no evidence to dispute that statement.

Thanks to Caroline Rye (see the sidebar, over there —–>), I have learned of two places where you can learn more about those races: the WAVY website, which has a “Candidates” section, and the VOTE411 Project of the League of Women Voters (at the VOTE411 site, you will need to enter your address to see local races).

Remember that, even though some Virginia Beach races are “district races,” every Virginia Beach voter can vote for every city council and school board candidate, both “at large” and “district,” for reasons that go back to the formation of Virginia Beach in the merger of the Town of Virginia Beach and Princess Anne County.


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