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“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Politeness is going to the dogs.

“Charlie got his foot in the trigger of the gun and I leaned forward and he slipped off the seat and caught the trigger — and it shot,” Gilligan told the newspaper. “It was a freak accident but it’s true, that’s what happened.”

The shotgun fired by Charlie, a 120-pound Rottweiler mix — or, presumably, a “Shot-weiler” — blasted through the driver’s seat and entered Gilligan’s back, breaking several ribs and his collarbone. He was lucky to survive the freak accident, he said.

I do not want to seem querulous–oh, forget it, I do. There’s a reason that guns are supposed to be kept unloaded, or, at the minimum, kept with safeties engaged, until you are ready to use them (though I have been given to understand, he weasel-worded, that some guns these days are not equipped with safeties, because responsible gun owners are always responsible; also, pigs, wings).


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