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The Little Smirks, Reprise 0

Writing at The Roanoke Times, Nancy Trussell recounts her experience at the Women’s March in Washington, D. C. Remember that the Women’s March was on the same weekend as the annual anti-abortion march, which gave us the Covington Conundrum. A nugget:

At the train station late Saturday, I was chatting with a couple of young black men about the red hats we were seeing all around Union Station. I asked them what they thought MAGA meant. Before they could answer me, one young man, probably 15 years old, and wearing the hat, came over to me, jutted out his hip, and said loudly “What did you just say?” I calmly said to him, in return, “What does MAGA mean to YOU?” He stood back, raised both hands with one finger raised on each hand (not a nice finger) and said… “fh you, lady.” Well, I do believe he answered my question.


I got no patience with the persons who have endeavored, apparently successfully, to minimize the conduct of the Covington creeps.

There is no way that using a weaponized smirk to invade the personal space of an old man is anything but disrespectful and offensive, regardless of what may be going on the background. Focusing on the conduct of those Black Israelites over there —–> on the sidelines is an example of the misdirection play at its best.


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