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Lies and Lying Liars 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Stanton E. Samenow argues that there is no such thing as a “compulsive liar,” that is, someone who lies because he can’t help him- or herself. He suggests that what others may see as compulsion because it happens so frequently may, in fact, be convenience.

He cites an example (emphasis added):

A sixteen-year old was referred to me for evaluation and possible treatment. His parents had a number of problems with him. But most frustrating was his incessant lying. They wanted to believe their own son, as most parents do, but discovered they could not trust what he said. Then they started to doubt nearly everything he said. Knowing that people generally function on the basis of trust, this teenager took advantage of that awareness. He explained, “I lie because it’s so easy to do it and get away with it.”

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