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Facebook Frolics 0

HUD has filed a lawsuit accusing Facebook of facilitating housing discrimination through the tools it gives to advertisers. Here’s a bit from the report:

In the charging document, HUD accuses Facebook of unlawfully discriminating against people based on race, religion, familial status, disability and other characteristics that closely align with the 1968 Fair House Act’s protected classes.

HUD also alleges Facebook allowed advertisers certain tools on their advertising platform that could exclude people who were classified as “non-American-born,” “non-Christian” or “interested in Hispanic culture,” among other things. It also said advertisers could exclude people based on ZIP code, essentially “drawing a red line around those neighborhoods on a map.”

The story goes on to report that Facebook is claiming that it has been working in good faith with HUD to deal with these issues.


I know nothing of the details of this story and have never tried to rent property on line, but I must confess that I found it difficult to use the words “Facebook” and “good faith” in the same sentence.


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