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Russian Impulses, Mulling Mueller Dept. 0

Methinks Ed over at Gin and Tacos makes a good point.

I also commend Shaun Mullen’s take on it to your attention.


It is unquestionable that Russia worked surreptitiously (and sometimes titiously) to promote Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency. It also seems likely that there was some coordination with various Trump flunkies and family members (the Trump Tower meeting being the most prominent indicator thereof). Nevertheless, one question has nagged me throughout all this (and may account for my not devoting as many electrons to the Mueller investigation as some others have), and I have finally figured out what it is:

To conspire with someone requires taking him or her into your confidence, at least to a degree.

If you were a wily operative like Vladimir Putin, would you take a buffoon like Donald Trump into your confidence?


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