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The Bully’s Pulpit 0

Thomas Hills, writing at Psychology Today Blogs, dissects Donald Trump’s negotiation* strategy. A snippet:

Here is a classic strategy of the corporate intimidator: The intimidator makes a deal with you. You and they sign a contract that says they will you pay you damages of amount X in case of condition Y. For example, they may pull out of the deal and they sign an agreement that they will pay you amount X if they do. This makes you feel good.

Now when the bully (sorry, intimidator) pulls out, he says “We’re not going to pay you amount X.”

And the cycle continues . . . .

Hills goes on to explain why this is a loser’s tactic in international relations and accounts for so many of Trump’s “diplomatic” (I use the term loosely, natch) failures. Give it a read.


*”Negatiation” would be more like it.


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