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Blinded by Bias 0

Nathan A. Heflick, an American ex-pat who’s lived in the U. K. for seven years, takes a stab at explaining Brexit. He suggests that one reason for the seeming impasse is that persons for and against are blink to their own biases and consequently unable to discuss the issue reasonably. He argues that this has been fed by the spread of falsities via “social” media.

A snippet:

Of course at the level of the politicians there are clear motives to keep spreading false info and misunderstanding each other. The parties want power. But, it is more than that. I think the people themselves are so blind to their own biases that they don’t see their own inconsistencies and this makes it very difficult to hear the actual arguments and points of the opposing parties.

Follow the link. His piece is a worthwhile read that can help in understanding our own coarse discourse.


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