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Ism Schism? 0

Mike Littwin argues that the upcoming Presidential election, regardless of the charges of various “isms” that might be thrown about, will not be about ideologies. A snippet (emphasis added):

Ideology, for better or worse, won’t decide this election, which will be, as every day during Donald Trump’s tenure has been, all about Trump, and Trump doesn’t differentiate among Democrats any more than he does the media. They’re all enemies of the people.

It can’t be about ideology when Trump has no ideology, other than to please his base, and to make sure he can encourage as many people as possible — especially those who work for him or hope to flatter him — to stay at Trump properties around the world. It sure beats my Marriott rewards plan.

He fears that, if Trump’s opponents do not understand this, they will fail. And methinks he has a point. The sad fact is that most Americans, if given a test to identify various ideologies from unlabeled, dispassionate descriptions of them, would be lucky to get an F-.

In the United States of America, we don’t “discuss” ideologies. We use them as slurs and libels labels.


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