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Update, 2019-10-29:

Data migration is complete. If you experience any problems, please email me.

Normal drivel will resume later this week after I’ve had a chance to do some testing resumes tomorrow.

The blog is now the front page of the site and my two legacy websites on boating and training are not available; I’ve edited the sidebar accordingly. This is because of the unconventional directory structure of my previous website, which was a result of my own inexperience when I first started toying with a website in the mid-1990s. I will be bringing them back as subdomains, something I’ve wanted to do for some time, but have been too lazy to deal with, but it may will take a while.

Update, 2019-10-28:

My hosting provider has notified me that the data migration is complete. Tomorrow, I shall take a look at the new server. If it is satisfactory, as I am confident it will be, we’ll move on to the next step of the move, which means that this VPS will go off line, and the address of the new one will then have to propagate through the DNS system.

In the meantime, learn to paraphrase.

Update, 2019-10-27:

Have a serving of chicken and Trumplings.

Update, 2019-10-26:

My hosting provider’s tech support advises me that the volume of data migrations has been greater than usual and that the data migration staff has been whelmed, but expects mine to be completed in a day or so. The support person told me that, if it isn’t, to inquire again. I in turn told him that I wasn’t angry or upset, and, indeed, was enjoying a bit of a vacation from feeding this monster.

While waiting, have a Facebook Frolic.

Update, 2019-10-25:

I did not get a chance to call my hosting provider today, but I looked at my hosting account. The VPS has been set up, but the data migration is not complete. I shall call tomorrow; fortunately, my provider is very good about answering the phone in a timely fashion.

In the meantime, have a mint.

Update, 2019-10-24:

Tomorrow, if I do not get an email update, I shall call my hosting provider to determine the status of the data migration.

In the meantime, picture this.

Update, 2019-10-23:

I reverse-ordered these items so the most recent is on the top, as the post is becoming rather lengthy. In the meantime, check this out.

I am still awaiting word from my hosting provider about the data migration, but we are still within the promised time frame and I’m still enjoying a bit of a vacation.

Update, 2019-10-22:

The data migration is in progress. My hosting provider has provided regular updates that it is underway.

It’s starting to look like I picked the wrong week to move to a new VPS. All heck seems to be breaking loose.

Understand that, for me, this is a hobby, though one I take most seriously.

I started blogging because I have loved doing stuff with computers for four decades. I did not start out to be a political blogger; I set out to do something with computers that I had not done before. The political aspect was forced upon me by events which I could not stomach, and there will continue to be events which I cannot stomach when I come alive again.

In the meantime, I have discharged a number of nagging tasks which had gone wanting and, frankly, I have been enjoying the respite. Oh, I have not ignored the news, not by any means–I spent two hours buried in news today when I had my vehicle at the inspection station–but it has been a bit of a break not to chase it quite so intensely. After nearly a decade and a half of feeding this blog, I shan’t get upset about a week of idleness.

And life goes on, even when you do not want it to.

Update, 2019-10-18:

While awaiting an update from my hosting provider on the data migration, I’m catching up with some other stuff.

In the meantime, I note that the Roanoke Times editorial board has said quite bluntly, “History happened. Deal with it.”

Update Two 2019-10-17:

The server is ready, but I’m waiting for my hosting provider to migrate my data to it–because they know what they are doing and I don’t–which may take several days.

In the meantime, the old server is active and I will update this post as progress progresses.

Update 2019-10-17:

The migration to a new VPS has been scheduled.

In the meantime, I’m taking a break until it’s completed, as any further updates I make here will not survive the move.

Initial Post:

I must migrate this site from a CentOS v. 6 VPS to CentOS v. 7, as v. 6 is being deprecated by my hosting provider, as it is reaching EOL. This may result in temporary unavailability. Next week, I shall initiate the process. I’ll update this post as I have dates to up.


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