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Stray Thought, Textual Interpretation Dept. 0

Judging from the activity of my telly fones, the “Do Not Call List” is thoroughly castrated, so I reckon that my wish for a “Do Not Text List” is a lost cause. But, honest to Betsy, I’m sick of unsigned texts from unknown phones asking me to support/contribute to/vote for this or that pol/cause/campaign.

If they signed their names, I might feel more charitabl–On second thought, no.

Obnoxious and intrusive is obnoxious and intrusive, signed or unsigned.

I received such a text from an organization that I support. I replied, “I do my contributing by mail. For each text that I receive, I will deduct one dollar from my next contribution.”

It’s been several months and fingers-crossed.

One can hope.


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