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The Whitewashing of American History 0

I’m a Southern boy.

I lived through my own whitewashing in my segregated school, where what I was taught about Virginia’s history was, shall we say, less than objective. Then I trained to be an historian . . . .

Hell, I was taught that 1619 was the “red letter year,” because it saw the arrival of a significant number of English women to satisfy the lust of the colonists (lust was not addressed in the third grade) (that part seems questionable, but that’s what I was taught when I was eight years old), the creation of the first representative organ of government in the English colony, and the first arrival of African slaves.

Yes, I was taught that the establishment of slavery was a good thing, a red letter thing.

I guess you can call that “uncritical race theory,” the sort of “race theory” that the Republican Party now advocates.

The Republican Party has become the party of racism.


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