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One Thing Is Not Like the Other Thing 0

I recently watched an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in which Odo, played by Rene Auberjonois, mentioned Philip Marlowe and Mike Hammer in the same sentence.

I found this deeply offensive.

Raymond Chandler, creator of Philip Marlowe, was a writer.

Mickey Spillane, creator of Mike Hammer, was a hack.

I read a Mike Hammer novel once. Nothing made any sense, then Mike got drunk and knew whodunnit. I’ve read all of the Philip Marlowe novels, and they all made sense.

On the other hand, the Mike Hammer TV shows starring Stacy Keach (who has his own problems) are quite well done, much better than the books.

Stacy Keach is a jerk and a predator, but the television series (there were two of them; the earlier one was the better of the two) were quite well done.

And, yes, I think we can appreciate the work while disdaining the worker.


I did not watch DS9 when it was new; there were too many kids in my house for me to be spending lots of time staring at a box.

DS9 is an excellent show; you can watch it on Netflix, and likely on other services.


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