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They Can’t Won’t Handle the Truth 0

Charles M. Blow takes a critical look at the who-shot-john over critical race theory in elementary and secondary schools, where, remember, it is not taught (emphasis added):

While previous fights revolved around desegregation and busing, textbooks and curriculums or equitable school funding, the current battle is over what can be taught. Some conservatives want to call it a backlash against the teaching of the obscure concept of critical race theory, but it isn’t. The teaching of this theory in grade schools was almost nonexistent. It was a construct born in law schools. This is actually about something more fundamental: whether or not schools should teach a full and accurate history of race in America, knowing that it might cause white children discomfort as they are confronted with the reality of what some white people have done.

Follow the link for the complete piece.

In a way, I get it.

I remember finding it uncomfortable that one of my ancestors signed John Brown’s death warrant after Harper’s Ferry.

I think I have mentioned before that Second Son opened my eyes. We were at the Harper’s Ferry Wax Museum looking at a display of said ancestor signing said death warrant when Second Son said, “So he was on the wrong side?”

Yes, he was.

Too many of my fellow Southerners and their dupes, symps, and fellow travelers don’t want to face up to the fact that they are on the wrong side.

Indeed, some of them relish being on the wrong side and are determined to rise again remain there.


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