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Those Who Ignore History . . . . 0

Susan:  What's wrong, Lemont?  Lemont:  Afghanistan.  Back in 2001, I predicted that we'd waste countless lives and trillions of dollars, and it would end just as it's ending now.  Anyone with a history book predicted it, actually.  Susan:  Didn't we rewrite those?  Lemont:  Only in some states.

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A Random Memory:

I remember standing outside my workplace in the smoking area (it was right outside the back door and, yes, I freed myself from that addiction over a decade ago, thank heavens) with my boss at the time (he was, by the way, a really good boss and a pleasure to work for), a veteran army NCO who, among other things, had participated in “drug interdiction” efforts in Central America.

He was enthusing over President George the Worst’s proposed war in Irag, saying that he was glad “there is a Texan in the White House.”

All I could say in reply was, “I have a bad feeling about this.”


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