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Snow Job 0

Our local media has been filled with predictions of a snow storm for the last few days. For example.

One thing I have observed is that predictions of snow make people stupid. Understand that, in this area, if there is a snow storm, the odds are that within a day or two, the roads will be passable.

Nevertheless, when we went to our favorite local supermarket today (mind you, not because of the weather forecast, but because we were running low on cat food for our two furry monsters), we found the breakfast food aisle (bacon, sausage, etc.–items we were not planning to purchase) almost stripped bare. When we asked the check-out clerk if she had seen any panic buying, she said, “Not today, but yesterday.”

Which reminds me of my favorite snow experience.

I was working in Thorofare, NJ, which is almost directly across the river from Philadelphia International Airport. Because of a snow storm, we were sent home early. I was heading down Interstate 295 at about 35 mph on my way to the Commodore Barry Bridge, a reasonable pace under the conditions, carefully negotiating a snow-covered highway, when some clown in four-wheel-drive SUV blasted past me.

You will have to remember that, with four-wheel-drive, you can go faster, but you cannot stop faster.

I saw said clown again, about a mile down the road, nestled against the guard rail in the median, facing in the other direction, stuck.

Sometimes, desserts are just.


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