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Dis Coarse Discourse 0

Steven Stosny, writing at Psychology Today Blogs, identifies several factors which he believes contribute to increasing belligerent state of what passes for dis coarse discourse. He suggests that two themes seem continual: entitlement and backlash. Here are two tiny little bits of what he has to say:

One reason for the dull sense of powerlessness that permeates public discourse is the paradox of social media. When everyone has a voice, no one listens. Instead, we react to the most vociferous – the loudest and most negative.


When my clients express anger about politicians, they immediately recite a list of what they’re against. If I ask what the candidates they favor are for, they’re hard pressed to come up with anything. We tend to lose sight of what we stand for when focused on what we stand against.


I have remarked upon the “parodox of social media” many times.

Baldly put, “social” media isn’t.


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