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“Facts Are What People Think” 0

At the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Patricia Murphy discusses a number of absolutely screwy proposals that have lately been introduced in the Georgia legislature. One, for example, would drop the requirement to vaccinate dogs and cats against rabies, a requirement that has been validated by over a century of science and experience.

You can read the full story at the link. Indeed, I urge you do do so–some of these bills are completely unmoored from reality.

I point only to this telling excerpt to illustrate that some in our polity have chosen to live–and vote–in a fantasy world:

At a hearing on a Republican measure to allow Georgians to carry a concealed weapon without a license, state Sen. Jason Antavitarte, R-Dallas, called any assertion that gun crimes are increasing in states with similar laws in place “patently false.”

“Actually it’s well documented,” state Sen. Elena Parent responded.

“Well you have your facts, I have my facts, so that’s fair,” he reasoned.

Taking a beat, Parent responded, “Um, no.”


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