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Race Is a Fiction 0

At the Hartford Courant, Trinity University professor Johnny Williams writes powerfully of the fiction called “race.”

The blunt truth is that race is a construct created by English settlers in the American colonies to justify chattel slavery and continues to poison our polity today. It was founded in greed and exploitation and nourishes them still. Until we as a society are willing to face that–and we clearly aren’t–it will continue to pollute our polity.

Here’s a bit:

Race is often thought of as the idea that humans are naturally divided into biologically distinct groups. That’s not correct. Race consists of shared patterns of seeing, thinking and acting that validate and legitimize an existence of white identity and a white worldview.

But there is no “white race.”

Whiteness is a shared conglomeration of fabricated meanings and ideas about biologically insignificant human differences. Whiteness only exists in relation or opposition to blackness and other fictitious racial categories created by whiteness adherents for the purpose of cementing a higher status and material advantage over other people that are excluded from being white.

Read the whole thing.


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