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Leaks (Updated) 0

No, not news leaks. Water leaks.

If you do not have a leak detector, get one.

I have an inexpensive one, powered by a nine-volt battery (indeed, I just put in a new battery yesterday, as I do every spring and fall), that sounds an alarm when it detects water. It sits in the drain pan under my hot water heater and HVAC system, which in this place is in the attic. (Don’t get me started on how stupid it is to put this equipment in the attic for Pete’s sake. The only reason I can think of for doing that is so the developer could advertise [mumble] more square feet of living space. But it was a done deal when I moved here.)

Several years ago, that little leak detector sounded an alert, which led me to learn that my water heater tank was leaking and the heater needed replaced (I replaced it with a tankless water heater that works very nicely thank you very much). Tonight it sounded again, and I discovered moisture that means I will be calling the plumber to check things out tomorrow.

It was $15.00 well spent for me and would be for you too.


The plumber could find no leaks. He diagnosed the issue as condensation because of increased humidity.

I was happy to pay for the service call. It was a small price to pay for peace of mind.


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