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Mangy comments at his Youtube page:

Wayne LaPierre is held in high regard by many NRA members who supplied him with the money he used to help pay for the $300,000 worth of suits he bought himself at member expense. (a small portion of the millions he lavished on himself and his wife, courtesy of NRA dues and donations.)

One of Wayne’s more self-indulgent projects was to have a film crew document him as he roamed the African savannah in search of a trophy elephant to ‘bag’. One his guides had located an elderly, blind, slow elephant for Wayne to courageously blast, and Wayne’s poorly-placed shot downed the elephant, but didn’t kill it. From a distance of about 12 feet, Wayne pounded three more rounds into the elephant, missing the spot where the guides had helpfully pointed, saying, “Shoot it RIGHT here!”.

With the elephant still alive and well aerated, a guide finally took his gun, and properly put the pachyderm out of its misery, after which there was much congratulating of Wayne, since he’d paid their salaries, or more precisely, NRA rubes had paid their salary. The embarrassing “adventure film” of the expedition was ‘buried”, since slowly torturing an elderly elephant doesn’t really synch with LaPierre’s desire to portray himself as “A good guy with a gun”. Thank goodness, in Wayne’s hunting party there was one ‘good guy with a gun’, but that was the guide, not LaPierre. The only problem was, in the end, the guide shot the wrong dumb animal.


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