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A Tune for the Times 0

Mangy comments at the Youtube page:

Lauren Boebert’s recent empty-headed comments about Jesus and guns makes it clear that the reason many fundamentalist Christians profess to love Jesus is because they are convinced that, for all intents and purposes, THEY are Jesus. Their entire concept of Jesus is totally based on their own biases, fears, animosities, prejudices and desires. Forget what the Bible says. Their ‘gut’ tells them what the REAL Jesus was like, and he was EXACTLY like them. If they would like to shoot some people, Jesus would have wanted to shoot the same people. If they hate gay people, Jesus would have hated them too. If they hate feeding the poor, THEIR Jesus would be happy to have let those folks starve. Mangy Fetlocks decided to write a little song to summarize this egocentric religious viewpoint.


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