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“A Democracy, If You Can Keep It” 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr., is, shall we say, concerned about Republicans’ embrace of violence to gain their ends. Among the examples he cites are the January 6 attempted coup d’etat, threats against Adam Kinzinger and his family, and Eric Greiten’s combat cosplay.

Here’s a bit of his article; follow the link for the rest.

But the embrace of violence, the cultivation of violence, the tacit encouragement of violence, have become, distinctively and disturbingly, Republican staples. So Jan. 6 was no accident. . . .


This is now our norm. Republicans no longer talk policy or ideas. Republicans only threaten.

Isaac Asimov famously called violence “the last refuge of the incompetent.” But violence — self-defense excepted — is also the last refuge of the loser, the last gasp of those who have no more words, the tacit confession of those who know, but are loath to admit, that they got nothin’.

The question is stark. Whose last gasp will it be: theirs or our democracy’s?

To paraphrase a question from the latest episode of the Bob Cesca Show, when election day comes, what will your vote be about: gas prices and inflation (which are beyond the control of the President of the United States) or democracy?


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