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“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Yet another child is sacrificed on the NRA’s idol of lead.

One more time, “accident” and “negligence” are not synonyms.


Some years ago, when I lived in Delaware, I took a defensive driving course so as to reduce my car insurance rates. (No, I didn’t have any tickets or anything like that. It was all about the Benjamims. The one ticket I ever got came later, and I richly deserved it, as I forgot to come off cruise control in time, but that’s another story.)

The Delaware state trooper who taught the course mentioned that, in the course, they no longer referred to “accidents”; rather, they referred to “collisions,” because, in almost all cases, if a driver had done something–even one thing–different, the accident collision would not have happened. (As an aside, the traffic reporters on my local NPR station do not talk of “accidents”; they talk of “crashes,” I suspect for a similar reason.)

It is well beyond time that police spokespersons and news outlets reporting on gun nut negligence should have adopted the same practice.


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