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Greater Wingnuttery XXXI: Personality Disorder Dept. 0

There is something deeply wrong about those who wish destruction upon their own country because they lost an election and things aren’t going their way.

Brendan clarifies:

My kid’s mom was evacuated from the World Trade Center that day. A guy I knew in high school died in the attack. My friend Claiborne’s brother was on his way to work at the WTC, when he saw the planes fly into the buildings, and couldn’t call his family to tell them he was alive. My friend Rupa’s boyfriend worked in the plaza, and walked across the city covered in ash and debris to the school where she worked so she’d know he was alive.

A week elapsed before my mail carrier learned that his cousin was still alive. One of the fellows I knew at the job I then had lost his secretary and several friends.

Words fail me.